International Solidarity with Cypriot Struggle: Call for Posters

The Union of Cypriots is launching the International Solidarity with Cypriot Struggle Poster Exhibition.

We are calling for progressive graphic artists from around the world to transform international solidarity into inspiring posters, to remark the Cypriots’ liberation struggle.

The physical exhibition will take place in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus, the demilitarized area between the free and the occupied areas of Cyprus.

“Peaceful coexistence has also been brutally put to the test in Cyprus, due to pressures from the Turkish Government and NATO, compelling the people and the government of Cyprus to make a heroic and firm stand in defense of their sovereignty” said Che Guevara in his historic speech at the UN General Assembly 11th December 1964.

Cyprus got its independence in 1960 from British colonialism as one of the founder countries of the Non-Alignment Movement. But due to imperialists’ “divide and rule” policies, the independent Republic of Cyprus only lived for three years until the provocations on Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots that redounded to segregation. The Cypriot progressives who fought against the aims of the imperialists in the island were murdered, such as Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu, Ayhan Hikmet, and Ahmet Muzaffer Gürkan. The plans for the dissolution of the Republic of Cyprus and partition of our country were finalized and agreed upon at the 1971 Lisbon NATO Summit between the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey. In July 1974, the US-backed junta in Greece organized a coup detat in Cyprus which paved the way to Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus a few days later. Since then, half of the island is occupied by Turkey and five NATO armies are using Cyprus as an unsinkable aircraft carrier for their imperialist aims in whole West Asia and North Africa.

The International Solidarity with Cypriot Struggle Poster Exhibition will be based on eight grounding concepts:

  1. The united struggle of Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots
  2. Lives Devoted to the Republic – In memory of Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu, Ayhan Hikmet, Ahmet Muzaffer Gurkan, İhsan Ali
  3. 1974: Cypriots suffer from the US-backed Greece junta and the Turkish occupation
  4. Cypriot, Irish and Palestinian people together against the occupation
  5. The Gavur Imam Revolt
  6. The real name of the occupation: Illegal Settlers
  7. Union of Cypriots: The united banner of the liberation struggle of Cypriots

Information: Title of work, full name, country, organization (optional), social media handles (optional).
Visual Identity: Incorporate the logo of the Union of Cypriots at the bottom-right corner of artwork (link)
Language: English (Minimize text for wider accessibility)
Submission format: A3 in .jpg or .pdf (300dpi) – no borders, backgrounds, or watermarks.
Award: Trophy, certificate and cash prize for selected works for each concept