Cypriot Republicans: The Struggle for Unitary State and Constitutional Citizenship

Cypriot Republicans - Oz Karahan, Sener Levent, Ibrahim Aziz

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25.05.2024 – As Union of Cypriots, we organized the event “Cypriot Republicans: The Struggle for Unitary State and Constitutional Citizenship” and presented the Honorary Award we give annually in memory of the Cypriot leader Ihsan Ali. This year, our Honorary Award was given to Ibrahim Aziz, who inspired us with his struggle. In 2022, we did not have the opportunity to present the award to the representatives of the Project “Season of Women”, which adapted the struggle of the “Women Walk Home” into a theater play. At this event, we finally had the chance to present the award to Magdalena Zira and Nedie Antoniades, representatives of the Project “Season of Women”.

Among our speakers at this historic event was Gözde Bedeloğlu, a journalist in Turkey and niece of Ahmet Muzaffer Gürkan. Other speakers included Oz Karahan, President of the Union of Cypriots; Şener Levent, Editor-in-Chief of the Avrupa newspaper; George Perdikis II, President of the Green Party of Cyprus; Petros Christodoulou from the socialist AIHMI movement; and İbrahim Aziz, whose path crossed with those of Ihsan Ali, Ayhan Hikmet, Ahmet Muzaffer Gürkan, and Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu. We all came together with our members and supporters at a Cypriot, not “bi-communal,” event to commemorate the struggles of these four Cypriot republicans. As Union of Cypriots, we are proud to unite our compatriots, who share our commitment to the liberation of Cyprus.

With this spirit of unity and struggle, we are participating in the European Parliament elections on June 9, 2024, with a joint candidate list alongside the Green Party of Cyprus and the socialist AIHMI movement, forming an unprecedented pan-Cyprian political front. It is well known that Oz Karahan, the president of our movement, represents the Union of Cypriots on this list. We proudly announce to all Cypriots that June 10, 2024, will mark the beginning of a new era for the Pan-Cyprian political front, which we have founded for the first time in history.

Speakers at the event included Şener Levent, George Perdikis, Petros Christodoulou, Gözde Bedeloğlu, İbrahim Aziz, Kyriacos Tsimillis, Aziz Sah, Tonia Stavrinou, Panayiotis Taliotis, and Oz Karahan. The speech texts of the panel speakers were shared with the public in Greek and Turkish languages.