Oz Karahan: Candidate for Member of the European Parliament from the Green Party of Cyprus

Oz Karahan - European Parliament elections

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29.02.2023 – The Union of Cypriots has decided to support the Green Party of Cyprus (Movement of Ecologists – Citizens’ Cooperation) and its list for the coming elections for the European Parliament and the Municipalities to be held on 9 June 2024.

The upcoming European Parliament election is an important step towards organizing the unitary and democratic unity of Cypriots for the liberation of our homeland, which has been colonized by illegal settlers under the Turkish occupation for 50 years. Our aim is to hold Turkey accountable for the war crimes committed in our land plundered by settler colonialism, and to fight to restore the usurped human rights of all Cypriots.

Today, we are happy to announce that Oz Karahan will be among the candidates of the Green Party of Cyprus in the European Parliament elections.

Oz Karahan represented the Union of Cypriots in the Jasmine Movement list in the 2019 European Parliament elections. Karahan was among the six Turkish-speaking Cypriot patriots, including Şener Levent, in the Jasmine Movement list that received significant support from the Greek-speaking Cypriot community.

The statement of Oz Karahan, who will be a candidate on the list of the Green Party of Cyprus in the European Parliament elections, is as follows:

The European Parliament elections are an important milestone in which Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots, separated from each other due to the Turkish occupation, reveal their common vision of their homeland as a single people.

As Union of Cypriots, we consider this initiative historic and commend the Central Committee of the Green Party of Cyprus for their commitment to a truly democratic Cyprus.

Our ongoing mission is to fight to liberate our country and to intervene in the decisions taken by the European Union that affect our lives. We will work to create a prosperous future for young Cypriots on this island and combat any threats to the demographic structure of Cyprus.

Our main goal is to make Cyprus, from Akamas to Karpas, free of ethnic and regional distinctions and free of foreign military troops and bases. The vision of an independent and pluralist Cyprus is vital not only for the Cypriots, but also for all neighboring peoples who are victims of the imperialist terrorism emanating from our island, which is used as an unsinkable aircraft carrier due to the status quo.

We will fight to promote the peaceful coexistence of all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus within the framework of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and to establish the unity of society, economy and state institutions throughout the entire territory of the Republic.

The European Parliament is only a tool in the fight against all kinds of exploitation and colonization, especially the war policies, carbon colonialism and environmental destruction implemented by some European states to the rest of the world.

We will try to raise public opinion in Europe to ensure that the crimes against humanity, especially settler colonialism, that continue to be committed in Cyprus and in our region, do not go unpunished.

This step we have taken together with the Green Party of Cyprus to fight for our human rights, which have been forgotten for 50 years under Turkey’s occupation, is historic. In order to demonstrate our difference from all the so-called “solutions” that divide the Cypriot people into communities and the Cypriot land into regions on the basis of ethnic identities, we are entering the European Parliament elections with a common list, where Cypriots enter with a common electoral roll.

We can only achieve everything that should have been done but has not been done so far, by reflecting the will of all Cypriots, and especially our youth, at the ballot box. That is why, together with the Green Party of Cyprus, I am announcing my candidacy for the European Parliament for this multi-faceted struggle, and I expect the support of our people.

Cyprus belongs to Cypriots!