The “Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization” Receives the 2023 Honorary Award

Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization

29.12.2023 – The Union of Cypriots presents Honorary Awards to recognize the contributions of Cypriot individuals or organizations for our independence struggle. The Union of Cypriots Honorary Awards are given in memory of a Cypriot community leader, Dr. Ihsan Ali, who spent his life for his people and the Cypriot Republic.

In 2023, we are proud to present this award to the Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus.

The “Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus” is a rapidly growing initiative that began with the signatures of 49 Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots in the 49th year of Cyprus’s occupation. This declaration advocates for the mobilization of all Cypriots in both the occupied and free areas of Cyprus, aiming to combat occupation and settler colonialism while seeking a solution based on a unitary Cyprus. It has become a significant milestone for the Cypriots’ struggle for liberation. The declaration calls for a multidimensional political, diplomatic, social, and legal struggle against the occupation and has established a set of principles with broad social consensus. These principles are guiding the path towards a fully independent, genuinely pluralistic democratic, and unitary Republic of Cyprus.

The Union of Cypriots will continue supporting all efforts aimed at the liberation of Cyprus and Cypriots.

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots

You can read and sign the “Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus” by following the link below: