Union of Cypriots launches “Liberate Cyprus – Defeat Imperialism” podcast

Liberate Cyprus - Defeat Imperialism

26.12.2023 – As the Union of Cypriots, we are pleased to announce the launch of our podcast “Liberate Cyprus – Defeat Imperialism”. We believe that national liberation struggles are interconnected around the world and that international solidarity is an important force in the quest for freedom and justice. Each episode of the program “Liberate Cyprus – Defeat Imperialism” will highlight both the theoretical and practical aspects of the struggle for freedom, highlighting the experiences of Cypriots and peoples around the world against the yoke of imperialism.

The podcasts will not only cover current issues regarding the region and political philosophy, but will also feature leading activists, artists and academics from around the world. These guests will be with us on topics that arouse interest and fuel the curiosity of our supporters.

The Union of Cypriots values educational work, recognizing that a holistic perspective and comprehensive knowledge is required to understand the complexity of global events. “Liberate Cyprus – Defeat Imperialism” will be broadcast on various platforms and many social media channels and will be able to reach a wide audience.

Long live international solidarity!

Union of Cypriots