Union of Cypriots’ publication “Liberate Cyprus” is out

LIBERATE CYPRUS - Union of Cypriots

05.06.2023 – The new issue of the “Liberate Cyprus” publication by the Union of Cypriots is now available. This issue focuses on the theme of “Free West Asia and North Africa, End Imperialism.”

Liberate Cyprus addresses the importance of preserving the territorial integrity of the unitary Cyprus and upholding the sovereignty of the Cypriot people in their struggle against imperialism. In each issue of the publication, the island of Cyprus, which is used as a hub of imperialism in the Eastern Mediterranean by the five NATO armies, is evaluated in the light of different topics, emphasizing its vital role in the freedom of the peoples of the Middle East.

The digital version of the publication can be accessed through the following link:

Physical copies of the publication can be found at the following locations:

Mouflon Bookshop
2B Mnasiadou Street, Pantazis Court, First Floor, Nicosia

Galeri Kültür
Şht. Mehmetali Arpa Street, No:4, Göçmenköy, Nicosia

Işık Kitabevi
Polis Street, No: 14-16, Nicosia

Bandabuliya No:50
Municipal Market (Bandabuliya), Nicosia