Support for the joint initiative of the Cypriot labour unions

Cypriot labour unions

22.02.2022 – Trapped in the northern part of Cyprus, Turkish-speaking Cypriots are trying to continue their lives under the oppression of the Turkish occupation. The social, cultural and economic pressures they have been experiencing since 1974 have been increased more than ever before. Cypriots, who constitute a small part of the population living in the occupied northern region of Cyprus, are forced to migrate from their homeland by Turkey as a result of the socio-economic pressures they are exposed to due to the settler colonialism initiated by Turkey after the occupation.

As Union of Cypriots, we support and salute the activities carried out by the partnership of the Cyprus Workers’ Confederation and the Federation of Turkish Cypriot Trade Unions in order to prevent Turkish-speaking Cypriots from emigrating in the face of these pressures. These activities will ensure the employment of Turkish-speaking Cypriots in the free areas of Cyprus and, as stated by the Secretary General of the Cyprus Workers’ Confederation, a structure will be created that will “maintain the Cypriot element in the labour force”.

As the Union of Cypriots is fighting for “One Cyprus”, we would like to remind everyone that the “common labour union” goal in which the Cypriot workers will be organized, as well as the ideals of “one state, one nation, one flag” for the liberation of our homeland under the NATO occupation, is the key to a Cyprus freed from its chains. The common labour union struggle for the common homeland will be our strongest bridge on the way to the unitary Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots