2021 “Dr. Ihsan Ali Award” was given to Galeri Kültür

Galeri Kultur

31.12.2021 – Union of Cypriots presents Honorary Awards to recognize the contributions of Cypriot individuals or organizations for our independence struggle. The Union of Cypriots Honorary Awards are given in memory of a Cypriot community leader, Dr. Ihsan Ali, who spent his life for his people and the Cypriot Republic.

In 2021, we are pleased to present this award to Galeri Kültür, which has been operating for more than thirty years with the motto “Cypriot Books”.

Galeri Kültür is an iconic institution that has published more than eighty books about our homeland, including books on Dr. Ihsan Ali and his struggle for Cyprus. We salute Galeri Kültür’s cultural efforts to spread the idea of Cypriotism and Cypriot consciousness.

The Union of Cypriots will continue fighting for the unitary Republic of Cyprus, the end of the Turkish occupation, and an island free from illegal Turkish settlers and all foreign armies, in order to have a fully independent homeland.

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots

Galeri Kültür was established in 1987 as a bookstore with the mission of bringing together book lovers in Cyprus. In 1988 its publishing house was established with its first publication, “The Dictionary of Cypriot Turkish Proverbs and Idioms”. Today, Galeri Kültür is the parent organization of “Galeri Kültür Bookstore”, “Galeri Kültür Publications”, “Alaşiya Publications” and “GKY Store”.

Galeri Kültür is dedicated to shedding light on the island’s history and culture with the motto “Cypriot Books”. Today, the books published by Galeri Kültür are in great demand and interest not only in Cyprus but also all over the world. Galeri Kültür has published more than 80 books on Cyprus in Turkish, Greek and English languages over its 30-year history.