Union of Cypriots participated in the “No to NATO” counter-summit

No to NATO

15.06.2021 – Union of Cypriots represented Cyprus and Cypriots at the “No to NATO” counter-summit organised by the progressive organisations from all around the world. The counter-summit took place on 13-14 June 2021, during the annual NATO summit which hosted NATO Heads of State in Brussels.

During his speech in the counter-summit, the president of the Union of Cypriots, Oz Karahan underlined the fact that Cyprus is still a NATO-occupied country and he expressed Cypriots solidarity with the peoples’ movements against imperialism.

Below is the full text of Oz Karahan’s speech at the “No to NATO” counter-summit.

Dear friends, comrades, and people who are fighting for peace all around the world.

As we all know, North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation is spreading imperialism, colonialism, and exploitation all over the world for 72 years.

I am talking to you now from an island in the Eastern Mediterranean where five NATO armies currently use its lands for their imperialist aims in the region.

Cyprus is a NATO-occupied country.

The unitary structure of our country was ruined by NATO and the occupation of Cyprus was planned in the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Lisbon in 1971

And the real occupation was put in place in 1974.

Since then, Cyprus is occupied by NATO and the NATO-backed “federation plan” is on the so-called “peace table” formed by NATO powers to protect the status quo.

Because of this status quo, the British, Turkish, Greek, American, and French military presence in our homeland continues until today.

We are witnessing an attempt of these imperialists to give life to their brain-dead organization, which only serves the United States’s Kissingerist agenda.

But they must know that we will not allow them to continue their crimes against humanity.

And we, the peoples of the world, must not forget:

There is no salvation alone, either all of us or none.

Therefore we must learn each other’s struggles and unite against imperialism.

We must say “No to NATO”, determined and firm.

From NATO-occupied Cyprus, we, the Cypriots, salute all the peoples around the world who give national liberation struggles like us.

We salute the comrades who were representing the peoples’ will in the protest in Brussels.

We are right and we will prevail!