Union of Cypriots on the UN’s 5+1 meeting on Cyprus

UN 5+1 Meeting on Cyprus

29.04.2021 – Union of Cypriots published a statement called “Federation tale is over – It’s time to restore the Cypriot Republic” on 18th September 2020, regarding the proposal of the United Nations 5+1 meeting on Cyprus. And once again, the results of the mentioned meeting which concluded today proved us right.

It was the first time that we heard the proposal of “two-state” officially from a table formed by the imperialists who want Cyprus and Cypriots separated and segregated. Not surprisingly, the meeting ended without any result or common ground, and as always a new meeting was proposed for the future.

While the “Cyprus game” continues, Turkey also continues its colonization in the occupied northern parts of Cyprus. Along with its social, cultural, and economical oppression towards Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Turkey changes the demographics of the island by using its illegal settlers. As a result of the status quo, Cyprus continues to be a military base for NATO powers and their imperialist activities in the region.

We would like to underline that breaking this chain is only possible by correcting a mistake. We can fight against what is illegal by defending what is legal. Cypriots already agreed on the unitary Republic of Cyprus and its consociational constitution in 1960. Today, the only thing we must do is reject sitting at the tables of imperialists and restore the internationally recognized legitimate Cypriot Republic and its constitutional order. Then it will be time for Cypriots to reach a true pluralist democracy by shaping our future under the legitimate bodies of the republic, without the presence of the colonialists.

As Union of Cypriots, we will continue fighting for a fully independent Cyprus for Cypriots!

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots