Cypriots salute the Kurdish people and their struggle

Cypriot & Kurdish Solidarity

20.03.2021 – The relationship between Cypriots and Kurds is not just a matter of international solidarity. The fraternity of the two nations is based on sharing a common destiny.

Union of Cypriot denounces the new attack on the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) by the Turkish State. HDP, currently the third biggest political party in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, faces closure after the appeal of the Chief Public Prosecutor to the Constitutional Court. Up to now, the Turkey’s Constitutional Court has banned six pro-Kurdish political parties in the last three decades.

These actions did not silence the Kurdish people and their struggle. On the contrary, Kurdish political movements got stronger each time they were targeted by the Turkish State.

We do not agree with the political movements that see the current situation as a product of only the current Turkish dictatorship regime. From the establishment of the Turkish State, its attacks on Kurds and Cypriots continued almost constantly. The reason behind that is the fact of Kurdish and Turkish-speaking Cypriots have always been two obstacles against the neo-Ottomanist so-called “national causes” of Turkey.

The people united will never be defeated! While wishing happy Newroz to Kurdish people, we express our solidarity and unity to their national and democratic liberation struggle.

Union of Cypriots – Ένωσις Κυπρίων – Kıbrıslılar Birliği