March – The month of revolutions, the month of Gavur Imam

Gavur Imam

16.03.2021 – In 1833, the history of Cyprus had seen the biggest liberation struggle against imperialism. Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriot people and peasants united against the Ottoman oppression and organized revolts one after another.

March was the most important month because of the movements that it gave birth to. All parts of the Cypriot community attended together all of the revolts. Most revolts did not last long due to the suppression by the Ottomans and its collaborator, the Orthodox Church. This is why the revolt of Gavur Imam had always been the most important people’s movement of Cypriots in history, because of its strength and symbolic character.

Our revolutionary martyrs will continuously light our path. As Union of Cypriots, we are dedicating the month of March to honor Gavur Imam’s fight. We will organize events and remember the most legendary struggle of Cypriots every year, in the same month that Gavur Imam started his movement.

To learn more about Gavur Imam, please read the article “Gavur Imam Revolt – Remembering the most heroic fight of Cypriots”.

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