Call for building a United Front against so-called “new realisms”

New Realism

19.01.2021 – Recently, the former minister and federalist ruling party’s deputy leader Harris Georgiades put down on paper a manifesto called “New realism” which officially declares that from now the two-state solution is an option for the survival of “Hellenism” in Cyprus.

And the time proves us right again about our view that the federal Cyprus idea was just a tool for the political elite to not share any power at the cost of dividing our island.

While Cypriot people pay the price because of the Turkish occupation, the political elite is making their profit from a state that they see as a limited company and from a country that they see as just a commodity.

Therefore, it is obvious that the timing of this “manifesto of the new era” and the exposure of the corruptions of the political elite is not a coincidence.

Also, this manifesto shows us again that while they change their views about the Cyprus problem according to their interests, their empty rhetoric of “Hellenism” remains the same.

Just three years after the independence as a unitary and consociational state of Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots, the “fathers” of the same political elite used the nonsense again and destroyed the constitutional order and the Cypriot Republic in 1963.

After enjoying the sources of the state for more than 10 years alone, this time some others organized a coup against the political elite in the name of the same “Hellenism” which caused the Turkish occupation of Cyprus.

Then they supported the federal solution for Hellenism, and now they are demanding just a half-island for Hellenism.

Following the charlatans who promote the different shades of Hellenism will only bring Turkism to Cyprus, which today is a reality from Hungary to the borders of China with intergovernmental formations such as the “Turkic Council”.

Time taught us enough that destructive ideas such as enosis, federalism, Hellenism, or Turkism will only cause Cypriots to lose their homeland.

It is time to realize that we always had two options, either a “Cypriot” Republic without NATO armies and foreign presence, or a “Turkish Cyprus”.

Therefore, we are calling for all patriot forces again to unite and defend the unitary Republic of Cyprus.

The political solution for Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots is ready on a paper that we already signed, the 1960 consociational constitution, the legitimate constitution of the Republic.

We call for building a united front to campaign for the restoration of the constitutional order to delegitimize Turkey’s existence in our homeland.

We call all the progressive forces to leave the destructive ideologies against the Cypriot State, the Cypriot Flag, and the Cypriot existence, and defend what we already have with the anti-imperialist spirit of Cypriotism, before we lose everything.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots