60th anniversary of the Cypriot Republic and the flag of Cypriots


16.08.2020 – 16th of August. 60 years ago, today, our nation became independent after experiencing centuries of colonialism and imperialism. It is the date that our unitary and consociational Republic of Cyprus declared its independence. And it is also the date that the Turkish-speaking Cypriot İsmet Güney gifted us our national flag, the flag of the Cypriot Republic.

Today, half of our beatiful homeland is occupied. And the same imperialists are talking about dividing our small island and people into two with a bizonal bicommunal federation “peace solution”. And we are repeating again.

Cyprus and its people are not divided!
Cyprus is under occupation!
And what we fight for is not a “peace solution”, we are and will fight for “liberation”!

As a vanguard organisation, Union of Cypriots will continue its struggle for independence and the “restoration of the constitutional order” which was destroyed by the imperialists and its collaborators. Then, it will continue its fight democratically for the principles of “one nation, one flag, one homeland, one state” in the fully independent unitary Cypriot Republic.

(The Cypriot Independence Day was celebrated in its real date of 16 August until 1963. In 11th July 1963, President Archbishop Makarios, Vice President Dr. Fazıl Küçük and the constitutional Cypriot cabinet made from 7 Greek-speaking Cypriots and 3 Turkish-speaking Cypriots unanimously moved the Independence Day away, to 1st October)

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots