No to a new NATO base in Cyprus! Go back Macron!

French Base - Cyprus

15.08.2020 – The Union of Cypriots stands against the Defense Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the French Republic, which was signed in April 2017 and came into force in August 2020.

The wealth and international rights of the Republic of Cyprus belong to all Cypriots. Every square meter in the Eastern Mediterranean where the flag of the Republic of Cyprus, officially gifted to us by Turkish-speaking Cypriot İsmet Güney 60 years ago today, on August 16, 1960, flies represents the “homeland” of Cypriots.

It is our duty to protect the interests of the Republic of Cyprus, our state. However, the actions of the current rulers of our state, detached from strategic considerations, only serve to present our Republic as a protectorate.

We do not want another NATO army in our homeland, where the armies of Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom already occupy our lands at the invitation of our helpless politicians. Inviting the French, with their history filled with the pain of imperialism and colonialism, to our island, which is already marked by historical exploitation, is seen as a betrayal.

From today onwards, a new enemy has been added to the struggle of the Union of Cypriots against imperialism and the presence of foreign powers on these lands. Cyprus is an island large enough for all Cypriots to live on, but too small to accommodate four hostile NATO armies.

No to a new NATO base in Cyprus! Go back Macron!

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots