Cypriots’ defense and the so-called “National Guard”

British Bases - Cyprus

27.07.2020 – As Union of Cypriots, we always defend the fact that the Republic of Cyprus and Cypriots have only one constitutional army. And that is the one described in the constitution itself. Therefore, we see the so-called “National Guard” just as a segregationist unconstitutional militia formed by the Greek-speaking Cypriot administration unilaterally in 1964, after the destruction of the constitutional order and the dissolution of legal armed forces in Cyprus.

The Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus
Part 8: The Forces of the Republic – Article 129

The Republic shall have an army of two thousand men of whom sixty per centum shall be Greek Cypriots and forty per centum shall be Turkish Cypriots.

Starting from its role in the 15th July 1974 coup d’état, this paper tiger organization is in the center of the reactionary and divisive efforts with its collaborators, Greece’s Hellenic Armed Forces and today’s Church of Cyprus. But the most destructive activities of this organization are its works for giving vain hopes and misinformation as well as play with Cypriots national and spiritual sensitivities.

The “hard power” of states is measured by very simple facts: the geopolitical position, the size of the armed forces, the population, the army equipment, the development of the defense industry, and most importantly the training and experience of the military.

On one side there is a “guardian of secularism” nicknamed army of occupiers in our island which is the second biggest in NATO by a country that provides 65 percent of its needs by its defense industry, is experienced in many wars and is actively fighting in extremely challenging geographies, such as Kurdistan, for decades. An army relies its strength on technology, innovation, and science.

On the other side, there is an “orthodox” unconstitutional militia and its instigator “foreign” armed forces with officers and generals who are getting retired without seeing an actual war and gunshot, has very old army equipment, no defense industry, promotes “prophecies” and relies on “saints”, “holy spirits” and “prayers” like islamic extremists.

We do agree with Nicos Anastasiades that, any “militarized” solution equals to giving Turkey the full control of Cyprus “because of the circumstances we mentioned”. But we also believe that pacifism is not a solution too. As Union of Cypriots, we believe that the only solution can come through diplomacy and international law. And the only way to win in these fields is to stop promoting the Turkish thesis of “bizonal bicommunal federal solution” and protecting the unitary Cyprus by working on the “restoration the constitutional order which was destroyed in 1963-64 crisis”.

The only solution for Cyprus and the way to delegitimize Turkey’s existence on our island is to defend and protect the agreement we have, the 1960 constitution of a unitary, secular and consociational Cyprus.

Turkish-speaking Cypriots are leaving their homeland every day because of the oppression they face by the Turkish regime. And every single day Turkey continues its colonization and demographical change strategy in the occupied areas. Today, there is more than a million illegal Turkish settlers and tens of thousands of military personel living in the occupied areas. And as we always say, if do not act fast, tomorrow will be too late for all Cypriots when Turkey finds another excuse to continue its occupation.

Wars can be won with strategy, technology, national cause, and struggle. Wars cannot be won by going to church and gym or promoting saints and tales.

«Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει»
“Along with Athena’s help, you also need to use your hand”

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