Statement on recent developments on British bases in Cyprus

British Bases - Cyprus

10.06.2020 – As the Union of Cypriots, we closely follow the developments regarding the British-controlled areas in Cyprus. We have learned about the agreement that will allow Cypriots to build their properties in these areas, which brings about a bittersweet feeling of happiness.

This represents an important development, albeit 60 years after our independence. However, it is not a cause for celebration. As the Union of Cypriots, we will continue our struggle until the presence of England, Turkey, and Greece is erased from our homeland.

Another noteworthy point is that Turkey and the administrators of its so-called puppet state in the occupied region of Cyprus condemn these developments by making false references to the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus. Cypriots are tired of all parties involved in the Cyprus issue selectively resorting to the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus when it serves their interests, and disregarding it at other times.

As the Union of Cypriots, we will continue to defend a unitary Cyprus with the aim of delegitimizing all foreign presence on this island and shaping our future collectively within the democratic institutions of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots