Statement on recent developments on British bases in Cyprus

British Bases - Cyprus

10.06.2020 – As Union of Cypriots, we follow the developments regarding the areas controlled by the United Kingdom in Cyprus. We received the news regarding the agreement that will allow Cypriots to build on their properties in these areas with a bittersweet happiness.

This is an improvement 60 years after our independence. But it is not something to celebrate. As Union of Cypriots, we will continue our fight to reach the day that all existence of the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Greece will be wiped out from our homeland.

Another important point is that Turkey and its puppet pseudo-state condemned these developments with wrong allegations referencing the 1960 agreement and the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus.

As Cypriot people, we are tired to see all sides involved in the Cyprus problem -including the Greek-speaking Cypriot administration- referencing the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus when they are in trouble while non of them respects this constitution other times.

As Union of Cypriots, we would like to underline again that we will continue to be the frontier social movement that advocates the idea that the first step of ending the Turkish occupation and illegal settlement is restoring the constitutional order in Cyprus. There is only one way to delegitimize Turkey’s existence on this island. And it is holding on to what we already agreed as Cypriots, the 1960 constitution, and shape our future together in the democratic bodies of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots – Kıbrıslılar Birliği – Ένωσις Κυπρίων