Union of Cypriots established a network for Cypriot workers

Cypriot Workers

09.06.2020 – The Union of Cypriots condemns the ongoing closure of checkpoints by the occupation regime in the northern areas of Cyprus, controlled by Turkey, while the authorities of the free areas of Cyprus have opened them.

This oppressive act is aimed at Turkish-speaking Cypriot workers employed in the free areas, demanding that they sign a document relinquishing their right to return to the occupied areas until the regime decides to open the checkpoints.

In spite of this unjust treatment, a significant number of Cypriot workers have courageously defied the barricades to continue their work and provide for their families residing in the occupied areas. Sadly, many of these workers lack proper accommodation and are prepared to sleep in their vehicles.

Therefore, the Union of Cypriots has taken the initiative to establish a network dedicated to arranging accommodation for Turkish-speaking Cypriot laborers. We are committed to supporting our members and the public in this endeavor, and we would like to share the following announcement:

“We are witnessing another oppression directed to Turkish-speaking Cypriots by the regime in the occupied areas controlled by Turkey. Turkish-speaking Cypriot laborers who come to work in the free area of the Republic of Cyprus and have no place to stay until barricades open, and Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots who want to provide them with accommodation can contact us. As the Union of Cypriots, we announce to the public that we have initiated such a work to serve as a network for these people to reach each other.”

We stand united in solidarity with all those affected by this unjust situation and call for the immediate reopening of the checkpoints, allowing free movement for all Cypriot citizens.

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots