Our view on the closure of crossing points in Cyprus


18.05.2020 – As the Union of Cypriots, since the beginning of the effects of the pandemic, we always supported what the World Health Organisation and the medical authorities said. We followed and analyzed the measures that other nations took. And that is why we never supported or were part of populist activities on the issue of crossing points closure and criticized the protests that happened in the early stages of the pandemic.

We still advocate the same opinion by opposing to both reactions, either for an immediate opening of the crossing points or the minority voices wanting to keep them closed forever.

We believe that fetishizing the checkpoints is not going to help us to liberate our island and certainly is taking Cypriots to focus away from the real catastrophe happening because of the occupation itself.

In the recent days, days we again started hearing the children of the people who are responsible for the occupation of our homeland talking about the crossing points. While these ELAM and similar type of groups prefer to hide behind barricades from Turkey, they say that keeping the crossing points closed will give a lesson to Turkish-speaking Cypriots who are facing Turkish aggression in the front lines since 1974.

We would like to remind everyone that leaving a handful of Turkish-speaking Cypriots trapped in the occupied areas with occupiers will only speed up the process of them leaving their homeland and will let hundreds of thousand illegal Turkish settlers from Anatolia flooding the island, which is the very plan of Turkey. And it is important to underline that the moment Turkey accomplishes its project of getting rid of the remaining Turkish-speaking Cypriots, those sealed gates will not protect the Greek-speaking Cypriots from the last phase of the occupation and the flooding of Turks to the rest of the island.

Instead of uniting against the occupation, insisting on segregationist and separatist ideas will only result in one last time that history repeating itself.

Some may forget that the lands after the barricades are the lands of our ancestors and belong to Cypriots. Or some may have already given up on that half of the island. But we do not.

This period of pandemic needs to show all Cypriots that we were not and we are not going anywhere but we are losing this war with adventures of searching for “new solutions”. That is why it is time for Cypriots to demand and protect what we already have and agreed on, the unitary Republic of Cyprus, and restore the constitutional order which was destroyed in 1963. And then shape the destiny of the island under the organs of the Republic of Cyprus democratically, according to the constitution, under the flag that İsmet Güney gifted to us. Without any illegal settlers and any foreign armies.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots – Kıbrıslılar Birliği – Ένωσις Κυπρίων