Union of Cypriots on recent Turkish military activities

Cyprus Drone & Naval Base
Cyprus Drone & Naval Base

18.12.2019 – As Union of Cypriots, we are following closely the recent Turkish military activities in the occupied areas of Cyprus. Turkey currently has more than 40 thousand illegal military personnel in the island. This illegal army is not here only as a threat against the existence of the Republic of Cyprus, Turkey also uses it as a tool for oppression against the Turkish-speaking Cypriots who are trapped in the occupied areas.

Lately, we can clearly understand from its reactions to the EEZ situation and the United States decision for the lifting of Cyprus arms embargo, that Turkey is looking for another excuse to a third invasion.

It is not a secret any more that Turkey is planning to start preparations for constructing an illegal naval base in Trikomo. And last days, the Turkish military situated its “unmanned combat aerial vehicles” at the illegal airport in Lefkoniko (Geçitkale). Turkey also decided to invest in this airport so it is suitable for its fighter jets. The subject of Cyprus is in Turkey’s agenda again and including Turkish President Erdogan, Turkey’s government and military officials keep on making aggressive statements everyday.

These actions are not only violating the international laws, they also show clearly that Turkey is not sincere with its so-called “federal reunification” initiatives. And they clearly show us again that these federalist talks are just a game that Turkey plays to earn time to finish its colonization in the occupied areas. We would like to remind Cypriots who still believe in the “federal” solution that they are also the ones causing this terror in our homeland by giving Turkey the legitimacy to be on our soil. And by keeping on talking about a federal united Cyprus with two constituent states, Turkey will continue having its hands on Cyprus.

It is time to stop Turkey and its plans before it’s too late. It is time to start taking care of what we already have, the 1960 constitution and the Republic of Cyprus. It is the time for Cypriots to sit and update the constitution instead of trying to find some separatist and segregationist federal solution which will never happen. The Turkish-speaking Cypriots cannot hang on any more against the oppression they are facing by Turkey and the next ones who will suffer will be the Greek-speaking Cypriots, until our homeland becomes a Turkish island. To prevent this from happening, there is only one solution for Cyprus and Cypriots, turning back to the Republic of Cyprus.

We call all political parties, non-governmental organisations and citizens initiatives to come together to demand a Cyprus with the principles of “one nation, one flag, one homeland and one state” and fight to make “Cyprus for Cypriots”. As Union of Cypriots, we will continue campaigning for a unitary Cypriot state without illegal Turkish settlers and any foreign military presence.