Union of Cypriots on Berlin meeting and the following statement

Berlin Meeting

26.11.2019 – We are witnessing another event that BBF supporters will try to present as “progress”, despite the reality that nothing changed against the status-quo. The meeting of Cypriot leaders yesterday in Berlin under the UN auspices ended with just a statement, that they will continue working under the decided UN parameters for BBF. We do not remember any side in this “Cyprus game”, including occupier Turkey, ever saying that “they reject UN parameters” anyway. All these show us that the same stories continue for 45 years from the BBF supporters, a solution formulated by Denktaş and Turkey in the first place.

As Union of Cypriots, we want to repeat the one simple truth again. BBF and all these theaters are what Turkey wants in order to earn time to fully colonize the occupied parts of the island and conclude their “bloodless genocide” against the Turkish-speaking Cypriots, before starting their “third invasion” to the rest of the island. The recent researches and surveys from European Social Surveys (ESS) say that 72,6% of the Greek-speaking Cypriots support a “unitary” solution, while only the 27,4% supports a bizonal bicommunal federation (BBF). And if the “unitary Cyprus” option comes to the table, the numbers will be the same for the Turkish-speaking Cypriot community as well. Simply, what we saw yesterday in Berlin is just a continuity of the status-quo and some reputation cleansing efforts that we will witness more from the Greek-speaking Cypriot leader, who is in his last years of presidency, and the Turkish-speaking Cypriot Leader, who will compete his election again just in a few months.

Turkish-speaking Cypriots do not have 5 more years to resist the cultural, social and economic oppression that they are facing because of Turkey. Their population in the occupied areas is being less than 10% today, while everyday young Cypriots are leaving the island. Let’s put aside for a second how treasonous is even talking about a separatist and segregationist BBF solution; are mainstream media and people who are getting advantage from the current status-quo that continues for 45 years really expecting Cypriots to believe that there will be a federal solution in this island sometime soon?

We had enough of these lies. The only clear fact is that Cypriots want to live in this tiny island with the principles of “one nation, one flag, one homeland, one state”. Cyprus is too small to be divided and any solution that offers this is only helping the foreign powers to continue having their control over Cyprus, forever. Starting from occupier Turkey, Greece, England, their umbrella formation NATO and all other foreign powers see our beautiful homeland just as an unsinkable aircraft carrier.

Union of Cypriots will continue its fight against all imperialists and its struggle to make “Cyprus for Cypriots!”. The only true and realistic solution for Cyprus is turning back to the unitary state, the 1960 constitution and the Republic of Cyprus.

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots – Ένωσις Κυπρίων – Kıbrıslılar Birliği