Union of Cypriots on the anniversary of the pseudo-state

UDI of the pseudo-state

15.11.2019 – 15th November is the anniversary of the “Unilateral Declaration of Independence” (UDI) of the pseudo-state. It was a coup in Cyprus by the US-backed junta in Greece which caused all the tragedy in 1974. And it was another US-backed junta in Turkey which advised Rauf Denktaş and his friends to declare their illegal state in 1983.

UDI of the pseudo-state

This event did not only make another damage to the independence of Cyprus, it also created a terror regime on the Turkish-speaking Cypriots by Turkey. After the UDI, the Turkish military became the sole authority in the occupied areas, which led to the social, cultural and economical oppression on Cypriots who are trapped there to be increased dramatically.

Here are the names of the Turkish-speaking Cypriots who voted “YES” for the UDI at 15 November 1983. It is important to underline that all parties in the so called “parliament” of the occupied areas approved this action that day. This includes today’s “peace doves” and AKEL’s sister parties CTP (Republican Turkish Party) and TDP (Social Democratic Party). Funny enough, even the founder of the YKP (New Cyprus Party, a small organisation in the occupied areas which attends every “bi-communal” activity) is in the top of the list of the TKP (now TDP). This is what we call separatist-segregationist “bi-zonal bi communal” circus of federationists.

Lastly, let’s also remember one more time, while looking to this list, that Rauf Denktaş was the first person who advocated and formulated a “federal solution” in Cyprus.