Union of Cypriots on the 1st and 28th October parades

Cyprus EEZ & Yavuz

28.10.2019 – Many times we made statements about the fact that in the “free” areas of Cyprus, the 1st October “Independence Day” is being celebrated with foreign Greek flags because of the traitor Greek-speaking Cypriot politicians who are occupying the positions of our republic “unconstitutionally”.

As we always say: “In this island, the existence of the Greek flag guarantees the existence of the Turkish flag. And vice-versa. Both are banners of the sickness of the traitors, grecophilia and turcophilia. Hanging one of them only legitimizes the other. It’s as simple as that.”

Today, 28th October is another day that shows the difference between real Cypriot patriots and the people who are in a treasonous mindset.

On our lands, Greece’s national “Ochi Day” is still being celebrated like in Greece, by the brainwashed Greek-speaking Cypriot school kids. And every year, it becomes a bigger event than the 1st October, the Cypriot Independence Day.

If the parades were not cancelled because of weather conditions, this year again the Republic of Cyprus flags drawn by a Turkish-speaking Cypriot were going to wave in the national day of a “foreign” country that is responsible for the occupation of our country. We condemn the use of our beautiful and clean flag for these kind of colonialist purposes. We acknowledge the importance of “Ochi Day” for the Greek people, but celebrating it in Cyprus by making young Cypriots look like foreign soldiers marching will only help Turkey’s efforts to legitimize the occupation in the eyes of the world.

It’s is important to underline that, even Turkey, didn’t manage to make Turkish-speaking Cypriots celebrate the Turkey’s National Day which is 29th October, all this time, despite the massive agression in the occupied areas.

These days also shows us how the masks of the so called “progressive” groups, like AKEL and trade unions, are easy to fall. When the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu is saying that “there are Turkish Cypriot politicians and trade unionists that if you ask them to choose between Turkey or Greek Cypriots, they will choose Greek Cypriots”, he is surely feeling happy to see the Greek-speaking Cypriots betrayal to the Turkish-speaking Cypriots in days like today.

But as Union of Cypriots, we will continue choosing the side of Cyprus and independence. We will continue our fight to wipe out all the foreign flags from our land. We will continue fighting for reaching our aim, “one flag, one nation, one homeland, one state”.

Cypriots have only one flag. And it is the one that Turkish-speaking Cypriot İsmet Güney gifted us, the flag of the Republic of Cyprus. And it will be the flag of this state forever. Flag means nation, flag means independence, flag means country. Love it or leave it!