Union of Cypriots’ views on EEZ, Yavuz and current issues

Cyprus EEZ & Yavuz

08.10.2019 – The first three photos are showing the Greek-speaking Cypriot politicians’ “diplomacy” with the occupier. And the last photo shows one of the massacre-attempts that occupier organized against the Turkish-speaking Cypriots who fights for an independent Cyprus, the Afrika newspaper attacks in 22 January 2018. All these are from a very recent time. But things didn’t change from “Gavur Imam Revolt”, which happened in 1833 when the Turkish-speaking Cypriots and the ordinary Greek-speaking Cypriots fought against the Ottomans, while the Greek-speaking elite and the Church were hiding behind Sultan.

Today, the same strategy continues by the Greek-speaking Cypriot politicians who hides behind Europe and America. They now also found a few more others for the same purpose, like terrorist states of Israel and Saudi Arabia. We condemn again the Greek-speaking Cypriot politicians who sit in our “disfunctioning” country’s offices and dare to associate Cypriots with these imperialists and extremists. These are the same countries that let Turkey get away with the 1974 occupation, or most recently, are playing ostrich while Turkey is planning to occupy the Kurdish territory of Syria today. We understand from the statements of the people who control the Republic of Cyprus that they have a political strategy of doing nothing but “praying” and waiting for the day that these powers will have bad terms with Turkey, just like a colonial territory.

In this context, we also strongly believe that EEZ and Yavuz issues are directly connected with the Cyprus problem. These are the results of the failure of politicians who are trapped in to separatist-segregationist “bi-zonal and bi-communal” talks for their interests. These are the results of us giving positions to people who are not even capable of being “mukhtar”. These are the results of failing to defend a simple “national cause” in front of the eyes of the world.

Last week, we witnessed once again the flying flags of Greece at the official parade of the Independence Day of Cyprus in the “free” areas, as some kind of an answer to the Turkish flag in Pentadaktylos in the “occupied” areas. We believe that these kind of actions are perfect examples of foolishness, shooting ourself in the foot in the world political arena. Everyday since 1974, Turkish officials declare to the world that Cyprus is their “national cause”. But it is clear that Cyprus is still not a “national” cause for Greek-speaking Cypriot officials who control the today’s unconstitutionally governed Republic of Cyprus.

Everybody should had understood at least one simple thing since the 1974 Turkish occupation. In this island, the existence of the Greek flag guarantees the existence of the Turkish flag, and vice versa. If we let politicians in the “free” areas to continue flying foreign flags and portraying us as a colony of some other country, we will continue losing in our righteous war for independence in every aspect.

As we always say, the only solution to everything, including the EEZ and Yavuz issue, is to unite under the flag that İsmet Güney gifted us in 1960, the flag of the Republic of Cyprus. That will be achieved by fixing all “unconstitutional” changes made since 1963 in our republic and getting back to the “constitutional” mechanism to illegitimate Turkey’s existence in these lands. Then, it will be the time to fix the constitution democratically to make it independent, starting from getting rid of the “Treaty of Guarantee”.

Time is running out. Everyday the Turkish-speaking Cypriots are leaving and hundred of illegal Turkish Settlers are coming from Anatolia to the Island because of Turkey’s social, cultural and economic oppression against the Turkish-speaking Cypriots. Today, more than 90 percent of the population in the occupied areas is made from illegal settlers, which makes them around 1.5 million people. There is no bigger favor to Turkey than letting today’s status-quo continue, allowing it to achieve its aim to fully colonize the occupied areas before their plan to invade rest of the island.

That is why, whatever happens, as Union of Cypriots we will fight for taking down all the foreign flags of occupation from our soil. We will continue our struggle to make “Cyprus for Cypriots”. And we will continue defending the principles of “one flag, one nation, one homeland, one state” for reaching a fully independent unitary Cyprus.