Union of Cypriots is in the “Jasmine Movement” for Euro Elections

Jasmine Movement & Oz Karahan & Union of Cypriots
Jasmine Movement & Oz Karahan & Union of Cypriots

27.02.2019 – As Union of Cypriots, a few months ago we stated our intention to participate in the European Parliament elections which will be held in 26th May 2019 with our own candidate.

Today, we are happy to announce to all Cypriots that Mr. Oz Karahan will be in the ballot with Şener Levent’s “Jasmine Movement” as a candidate of the Union of Cypriots. We make the cooperation that our community expected from us real, since the day that we made our participation to the elections public. As Union of Cypriots, we always speak out about how unification of Cypriot forces who are against the Turkish occupation is a must. In this context, we are aware of the responsibility on our shoulders that our community sees the partnership of Jasmine Movement and Union of Cypriots: a glimmer of hope. From today, we are in this fight with the Jasmine Movement and its other five candidates.

Our candidate and president of our union, Oz Karahan, will fight for this cause representing Union of Cypriots in the movement. As our community knows, he is a long time supporter of an independent Cyprus, being a member of organizations that Union of Cypriots roots back to, such as “LINOBAMBAKI” and “World Union of Turkish-speaking Cypriots”. Oz Karahan grew up and became politically active in Famagusta, while currently resides in Larnaca, where part of his family originates from. He finished his studies in Czechia and also lived and became politically active in places such as the United States of America, Sweden and Germany.

Together with our member Oz Karahan, Afrika newspaper’s chief editor Şener Levent and other four candidates are joining the “Jasmine Movement”. We believe these progressive candidates will get the seats with the votes of Cypriots who live in both free and occupied areas. 26th May will be a new beginning. It will be the date that the seats in Brussels will be claimed by independent and brave Cypriots instead of politicians who were sent to Belgium for holidays or isolation because of internal feuds by their own parties that serves the status-quo. We will continue our fight against the Turkish occupation and the social, cultural and economical genocide that Turkish-speaking Cypriots are facing, this time under the roof of the European Parliament. We are the sons and daughters of Gavur Imam, the Cypriot hero who fought against Ottoman opression and we will continue our struggle until we prevail!

As Union of Cypriots, we will be with Oz Karahan, Şener Levent, Leyla Kıralp, Faize Özdemirciler, İbrahim Aziz and Zeki Beşiktepeli from the “Jasmine Movement”, not only during this elections’ period but also afterwards.

Respectfully announced to the public.
Union of Cypriots