Afrika Newspaper & Union of Cypriots

22.01.2018 – The targeting, lynching, and attacks on all Cypriots following the headline of the Afrika newspaper, “Another invasion operation from Turkey,” on which we, as the Union of Cypriots, have signed our signature, will be answered.

It is the duty of all Cypriots to make good use of the Afrika newspaper attacks, which we describe as the greatest tragedy the island of Cyprus has experienced since the 1974 invasion, and to form a common front against it. We would like to draw the public’s attention to how this treacherous attack developed in a systematic and planned manner.

Following the headline on January 21, 2018, the World Union of Turkish-speaking Cypriots (WUTC) published a statement of support for Afrika newspaper. Then, on the same day, Turkish President Erdogan gave a directive to the “sleeper cells” in the occupied region of Cyprus during the Bursa rally where he spoke. The next day, January 22, 2018, just like the Sivas-Madımak massacre in Turkey, the newspaper’s office was attacked with the aim of a massacre.

Those who participated in this attack were the illegal resident Turks whom Turkey sent after 1974 to change the demographic structure of the island and complete its colonization. During the attacks, it was observed that the so-called police in the occupation zone did not take any precautions and almost helped the attackers.

This incident is not just a lynching and massacre attempt. It is an indicator of the extent of oppression and mistreatment that Turkey has inflicted on Turkish-speaking Cypriots for 44 years. The fact that there are still forces able to resist the bloodless genocide we live in pushes the limits of tolerance of the invaders, and this is known and followed by the world. Here, we remind you once again: as long as there are forces like the Union of Cypriots and Afrika newspaper in this country, Cypriots will continue to exist and struggle.

Respectfully announced to the public.
World Union of Turkish-speaking Cypriots (WUTC)