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The need for a United Front against Fascism

United Front

(The need for a United Front against Fascism – Profile, future and further building of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist international united front) *Contribution to the event of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations

11.12.2022 – In 1922, the elites of Italy did very little to stop the rise of fascism. In fact, they welcomed it, after coming to the conclusion that fighting the fascists would only strengthen the left. Today, not much has changed.

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Palestine and Cyprus: A Story of Peoples’ Fraternity

Cypriots & Palestinians

(Palestine and Cyprus: A Story of Peoples’ Fraternity) *Contribution to the journal of “The Palestinian Liberation Struggle” published on 29th November 2023 on the occasion of Palestine Solidarity Day

29.11.2022 – The Union of Cypriots sees Cyprus and Palestine as two countries where imperialism has taken root in the heart of Western Asia. As long as these two national and colonial issues, which can be compared in different contexts, are not resolved, imperialism, colonialism, racism, sectarianism and Zionism will spread like cancer in the demands of the peoples of the region for peace, equality, brotherhood, bread and freedom.

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Support for the joint initiative of the Cypriot labour unions

Cypriot labour unions

22.02.2022 – Trapped in the northern part of Cyprus, Turkish-speaking Cypriots are trying to continue their lives under the oppression of the Turkish occupation. The social, cultural and economic pressures they have been experiencing since 1974 have been increased more than ever before. Cypriots, who constitute a small part of the population living in the occupied northern region of Cyprus, are forced to migrate from their homeland by Turkey as a result of the socio-economic pressures they are exposed to due to the settler colonialism initiated by Turkey after the occupation.

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2021 “Dr. Ihsan Ali Award” was given to Galeri Kültür

Galeri Kultur

31.12.2021 – Union of Cypriots presents Honorary Awards to recognize the contributions of Cypriot individuals or organizations for our independence struggle. The Union of Cypriots Honorary Awards are given in memory of a Cypriot community leader, Dr. Ihsan Ali, who spent his life for his people and the Cypriot Republic.

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The real name of the occupation: Illegal settlers

Israel - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - Flags

02.07.2021 – “Cypriots and Palestinians united against terrorist occupier twins Turkey and Israel!” writes in the posters of Union of Cypriots on the streets of Nicosia. Two neighboring peoples are giving a national liberation struggle against the occupiers that are using the same rhetoric, the same lies, and the same strategy.

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“Federation tale” is over – It’s time to restore the “Cypriot Republic”

Crans Montana

18.09.2020 – The Union of Cypriots is monitoring the reactions of Turkish officials regarding United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’s proposal for a 5+1 (Greek-speaking Cypriots, Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United Nations) meeting to resolve the Cyprus problem.

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The Cyprus Papers and the “other occupation”

Cyprus Papers

25.08.2020 – As an organization, we have consistently voiced our stance regarding Cyprus’ “golden passport” program, which has recently garnered attention from the world and media. We consider passport selling as the second act of treason against our country, following the coup d’état in August 1974, which led to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

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60th anniversary of the Cypriot Republic and the flag of Cypriots


16.08.2020 – 16th of August. 60 years ago, today, our nation became independent after experiencing centuries of colonialism and imperialism. It is the date that our unitary and consociational Republic of Cyprus declared its independence. And it is also the date that the Turkish-speaking Cypriot İsmet Güney gifted us our national flag, the flag of the Cypriot Republic.

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Only solution: Consociationalism, namely, Republic of Cyprus


03.08.2020 – As Union of Cypriots, we do believe that for reinforcing our unitary republic, a pluralist democracy should be the ultimate goal for all Cypriots. But unlike federalists or other segregationists in our land, we are aware of the urgency of ending the Turkish occupation and we believe that the only way to delegitimize Turkey’s existence in our island is possible by “restoring the constitutional order in Cyprus”. Therefore, we advocate the idea that even if Cypriots want to decide to change the system of the government, it should be done democratically under the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, after getting rid of Turkey’s illegal army and settlers.

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Regarding the relationship between the Church and the occupiers

Archbishop Chrysostomos & Talip Atalay

14.04.2020 – As Union of Cypriots, we condemn the Church of Cyprus’ and the Archbishop’s pronouncement of an illegal Turkish settler as the “Mufti of Cyprus”. Our organisation would like to shed some light on the matter and inform all Cypriots about the scandalous relationship between Archbishop Chrysostomos II and Erdogan’s chosen one, Talip Atalay, a relationship dating back to almost a decade.

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Urgent call: “Leadership” elections held in occupied area have no legitimacy!

Turkish-speaking Cypriot elections

03.02.2020 (revised on 09.06.2020) – The elections for the Turkish-speaking Cypriot leadership on 11 October 2020 (previously scheduled on 26 April 2020) in the occupied area of Cyprus do not have any legitimacy under current circumstances and this situation has also reached a dimension that affects all Cypriots and the future of Cyprus Problem.

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