Union of Cypriots was founded by Cypriots who have been struggling for communal existence in the north of Cyprus since 1974. As a main principle, in every circumstance, it supports the full independence of Cyprus and Cypriots. Unlike insincere formations’ claims that the Turkish governments and their politics are the only issues of today, it believes that the real problem is the existence of the state of Turkey and its social, cultural, political and economic occupation on Cyprus.

Another issue that we are aware of is the neo-liberal system and illegal structure established by Turkey in the north of the island with this occupation. When Union of Cypriots analyses today’s situation, it concludes that the Turkish-speaking Cypriots are the only losers between the included sides in the “Cyprus game”. It believes the idea of “Cypriotism” is the only way to end this exploitation.


The systematic persecution against us, the real owners of this country, was implemented not only by the occupation of our lands, but also through embargoes, economic packages, socio-cultural oppression and forced migration laws that we have come up against; the right to live on our land was taken from us. As a result of all these policies, the number of Cypriots who can live in the north of the island today has decreased to a tenth of the number of illegal Turkish settlers who came after the occupation. Union of Cypriots stands against this genocide, which has reached its peak.


We reject any federal solution. At the same time, we also do not believe that a solution that will provide full independence for Cypriots will come from a table that includes colonialists, their international organizations and puppets called “guarantors”. Union of Cypriots believes that the only solution can come through a republic founded on principles of one flag, one identity, and social and unitary state values built by all Cypriots to determine their own destiny. Cyprus for Cypriots!


Union of Cypriots is a member of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS).


Fazıl Önder Academy is an initiative of the Union of Cypriots. It promotes knowledge concerning issues related to and emerging from self-determination, self-governance, security, and diplomacy, with particular consideration in socio-cultural issues.

You can visit Fazıl Önder Academy at academy.cypriots.org and learn more about the initiative and its upcoming events.


Cypriot Folk Music Society is a cultural arts organization, dedicated to providing a platform for the folk music of Cyprus. Our organization aims to further the study, practice, dissemination and preservation of traditional Cypriot music.

You can visit Cypriot Folk Music Society at folkmusic.cypriots.org and learn more about the organisation and its activities.


The Cypriots is a multi-source news article archive of the Union of Cypriots.

You can find there a variety of articles and reports concerning Cyprus and the struggle of Cypriots for independence. Stay up to date by reading “The Cypriots” at the.cypriots.org and follow us for what is new.